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Anavil Jeevan Sathi Mela 2005

Anavil Jeevan Sathi Parichay Mela Was held at Bhuta School, Andheri on 16/1/05.It was organized by Shree Andheri Anavil Mandal (Andheri-Jogeshwari) and sponsered by Mr. Yogesh Desai of Mapin Industrial Comapny. It was the first successful Parichay Mela held at Mumbai.

51 applications were received for Boys, out of which 31 boys attended. 40 Girls sent applications, out of which 29 Girls attended the Mela.

Most of the Girls were very well educated and confident of themeselves. Most of the parents listened attentively, when Parichay was given of Boys & Girls.

Most of the Boys and Girls looked happy as the number of participants were more. They felt such Parichay Mela should be organized more often during marriage season.

The number of Boys and Girls coming forword for such events show that present generation is broad minded. They are happy to try Parichay Mela to find their life partner.

Jeevan Sathi Parichay Mela are now the need of the hour. More and more such events should be held in different cities.