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Eye Donation

Gift of sight is the
you can ever give!

Tissue, organs and eyes may be recovered from any donor, regardless of age.There is no charge to you or your family for organ and tissue donation.
Organ and tissue donation is supported by all major religions.
Recovery of organs and tissue is a surgical procedure that will not affect customary funeral arrangements or alter body appearance in any way.
Donors make a difference.
Be a Donor Make a pledge today!

Eye Bank Phone Numbers
Eye Donation
Eyes Are Windows to the World. We get 80% of the knowledge, we learn in our life through our Eyes.
To understand importance of Eyes, walk for 5 minutes in your home or outside with Eyes closed. You will realize how tough it is to live for a blind person.
There are more than 1.1 Crore blind persons in India. Out of this about 30 Lakhs are corneally blind. This number is increasing everyday. 60% of the Corneally blind are Children under the age of 12 years.
Fortunately lost sight can be restored for corneally blind, by corneal transplantation through donated eyes. The number of Eye donation required annually for combating corneal blindness is at least One Lakh. Millions die each year but only about 10,000 people were generous enough last year to donate their eyes after the death. So there is a huge backlog of corneally blind person in the country.
What is Corneal Blindness?
The cornea is the transparent front surface of the eyes. It is a focusing element of the eye. Vision will be dramatically reduce or lost if the cornea becomes cloudy from disease injury or infection.
Main causes of Corneal Blindness
1. Injuries
2. Malnutrition
3. Infections
4. Chemical burns
5. Congenital disorders
6. Post operative complications or infection
Who can donate eyes?
The eyes of the deceased of any age can be donated whether he/she has pledged the eyes or not.
Spectacle weares, Diabetics, Hypertensives and people suffering from systematic disorders like Asthama, TB can also donate eyes. Even, patients who have gone under cataract surgery, can also donate eyes.
In many cities in India including Mumbai, there is a centrallised telephone number 1919, available for 24 hours eye donation.
Eyes Have to be removed within 6 hours of time of death. So inform the nearest Eye bank immediately. The eye bank personal with a doctor or trained technician visits the donor’s home. This is done FREE. Obtain the death certificate quickly and if possible keep the photo copy ready.
Close the Eyelids.
Cover the Closed Eyelids with moist cotton, with ice over the closed eyelids to keep the tissue moist. Switch OFF the fan and if available switch on the air conditioner.
Raise the donor’s head by about 6 inches by placing two pillows under it.
Become “Sight Ambassador”
Dial nearest Eye Bank (or 1919) soon after unfortunate death of your near & dear one.
Consent to donate the eyes of your close relative or friend.
Motivate family members of the person who has died in your area.
Spread information about eye donation. Your word of mouth will help the movement.
Make yourself a friend of Eye Bank.
Let us make Eye Donation an Indian Tradition